A Message from the Owner, Manager and Director of Home Inspection, David Fahari

At Directors Home Inspection, Inc., we are dedicated to provide the community with high quality, professional home inspections.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the customer with as much information about the property as possible. We obtain this information by using the latest tools, and technology. It is very important that the customer receive all the facts in an unbiased manner. The service we can provide is invaluable as we do not work for the seller or the agent. We only have the best interest of the perspective buyer in mind.

Every customer will receive an in depth Home Owners Reference Manual as well as digital photos of all major and minor problems for themselves and their agent.

This is how we do business, by meeting and exceeding the customers expectations!


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A comprehensive Home Inspection is probably one of the most important services used in property transactions today and is the only thing between a future homeowner and a potential money pit. At Directors Home inspection, Inc., we focus on the best interests of our clients, assuring them that their selection in a Home Inspector was among the best in the market.

We are constantly learning while staying ahead of a rapidly changing industry. There is no substitute for experience, education and certification. With client participation and a detailed reporting system our customers make informed investment decisions by knowing the facts up front.


Our Home Inspection

A typical Directors Home Inspection, Inc. Home Inspection will take approximately three hours and will provide you with as much information as possible about your new home. All the conditions noted during our inspection are recorded, including the test results from the analysis of the various systems, for your reference. Utilizing our 400 home inspection plan will minimize your risk and provide you with all the facts regarding the physical condition of your future home.

Client Participation

We strongly encourage our clients to attend the inspection and participate in the process. We have learned from experience that participation enhances the value of our inspection service. Being present for the inspection will not only help you in understanding our findings and report, but will also afford you the opportunity to get an in-depth view of the property you are purchasing and benefit from our maintenance tips as we proceed through your new home.

Reports and Scheduling Inspections

At Directors Home Inspection, Inc., we provide you with an unbiased objective, professional evaluation of the physical condition of the house. Detailed maintenance recommendations describing the home and building components are included. Digital photos of defects are also provided. Our turn around time is normally 24 hours and our full service office is ready and waiting to discuss and assist you with all your inspection needs.


The Inspection Includes

We cover the:
Crawl spaces
Heating and Air Conditioning

Additional Services Include:
Pool & Equipment
Microwave Leak Testing
Ot Buildings and more